8 May 2013

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Road trip to and around Diveagar in monsoon

4.5-hour drive away from always buzzing Mumbai can take you to Diveagar - a picturesque and peaceful haven for a Mumbaikar's soul. The highlight of this road trip was sitting on a cliff at night under countless stars, listening to the sound the waves (what a welcome change from continuous honking), watching fireflies and having a heart-to-heart conversation.

South of Diveagar: 

Kondvili beach

Kondvili beach

North of Diveagar:

Practical info: 
Where to stay: we stayed at Exotica Beach Resort, Diveagar (MTDC), which was OK, but overpriced for the quality. We saw quite a few Inns/small resorts in Diveagar at much lower rates, so going there and looking for a place to stay is an option.
Where to eat: Food at Exotica Beach Resort restaurant was OK, but do try fish thali at a khanaval - simple but delicious and so fresh fish! Do call in the morning to place an order.
Beach: Diveagar beach itself is somewhat commercialized, but there are so many virgin looking beaches for you to explore either going south or north from Diveagar, like Kondvili beach 13 km south of Diveagar.

6 Dec 2012

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Marari beach in Kerala

Little known Marari beach is just around 14 km away from sleepy Alleppey in Kerala. It was a nice contrast after exploring the backwaters. Relaxing in the shade of palm trees and taking in the tranquility of this white sand beach...