18 Nov 2009

Laal maans @ Trident, Jaipur

Isn't it interesting that in this mainly vegetarian state - Rajasthan - I might just have tasted the best lamb dish in my whole life so far!? It is called "Laal maans", which literally means "red meat" and is traditionally prepared by cooking lamb for a long time in a simple masala that mostly consists of only red Rajasthani chillies, salt and ghee. We read amazing reviews and decided to stop for a lunch of laal maans at Trident hotel (Jaipur), which calls it their signature dish. It was out of this world and worth every rupee, even though the restaurant is quite pricey and we didn't dare ordering anything else ;o) They use spring lamb that is first smoked with cloves in a tandoor and then slowly cooked for a long time in the masala. The meat was so soft and the smokey flavour worked very well with red chillies and cloves. It is served with curried chickpeas, spinach-yogurt potatoes and Indian bread of your choice. One portion is big enough to feed two hungry tourists :o) Recommended!

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