19 Nov 2009

What I used to go to see in a ZOO...

It's not just vehicles using the roads and not just tourists hanging out at historic sites in India! While I get to see only cows and goats on the roads of megacity -- Mumbai, Jaipur was way more exciting. Like a little kid I was screaming in excitement "Peacock! Peacock!" And then, of course, there are camels and elephants everywhere and after while you even stop noticing monkeys -- so many of them :o) We could not believe that our safari guide in Jaisalmer said that he had never seen a monkey, but then, we didn't see one there in a desert as well... Here is the fauna of Jaipur :o)

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Saulyte said...

Išties gražios nuotraukos, ypač paskutinė.
O trečioj nuo galo nuotraukoj ta beždžionė visai kaip žmogutis sėdi. :D