17 Dec 2009

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Everyone who has spent a longer time in India, will know what I mean when I say that it's not easy to find things here that are completely straight, completely done, completely thought through. Measurements won't be completely accurate, something will be overlapping, some gaps will be seen in another place, some paint will drip on a new floor, new pipes will get clogged in no time etc. etc. But something that is always perfect - vegetable and fruit stalls. All onions will be carefully arranged in a shape of a perfect pyramid, all vegetables will be clean. If only so much attention to details was given everywhere in India... I think this picture shows the contrast I am talking about pretty well :o)

14 Dec 2009

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Festival of Festive Music 2009 @ NCPA

Yesterday we went for a lovely Xmas music concert at NCPA Tata theater. There were several choirs participating at the festival and all of them did a really great job, lots of "goose bump" moments for me, but Stop-Gaps stole the show. Great energy, beautiful music, the cutest kids in colourful costumes and even a dog, all in a background of nice Xmas decorations. Aaahh, now I am ready for this holiday season, even if I won't see a single snowflake once again :o) I had earlier posted on their Broadway show here. Now I am looking forward to their next show around Easter. Highly recommended!

1 Dec 2009

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Konark Sun Temple, Orissa

Konark Sun Temple dates back to the 13th century and it is one of World Heritage Sites. It was built in a form of the chariot of the Sun god (Surya) with twelve pairs of wheels and seven horses pulling it. It has amazing stone carving decorations all over the walls. The first thing you notice at the entrance are giant lions that are crushing elephants that stand on the top of human bodies. Next, you see elegant carvings of different dance poses and musicians -- that's were dance performances used to be held. Later statues of humans and divine figures in different erotic poses derived from Kama Sutra start. I don't know whether to believe it, but our guide was telling us that the reason for the erotic statues was very low population of Orissa state after several wars. If that is the case, all I can say that it worked brilliantly! Achieved the goal and then some more... :o) There are also numerous detailed war and daily life scenes including animals as well as floral and geometric patterns. Unfortunately, the temple suffered a lot of damage when Orissa was attacked by a Muslim king in the 16th century, but you can picture it's glorious past. Worth a visit!