20 Jan 2010

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Mumbai Marathon 2010

Mumbai ran this Sunday early morning and I.... I watched them running and cheered from a sidewalk :o)

19 Jan 2010

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Fish truck

On an early morning, trucks bring from the nearby docks loads of fish, which are being divided amongst different fish mongers. The fish mongers then take baskets full of fish, put them on the top of the head and carry them to different locations of Mumbai. This was happening near VT station, so many of these fish mongers went to the station and boarded local trains. Even though there is a separate compartment for people delivering fish or vegetables - luggage compartment - some of them get into a general compartment and well, it's not a very pleasant ride for the rest of the travelers then... :o)

18 Jan 2010

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Early Sunday morning in South Mumbai

Scots Kirk, also called United Free Church of Scotland.